e-Record Free Book-Keeping Software

Available to anyone.

Download e-Record for free. Information can be entered just like a cash book. Meant for small businesses, it can nevertheless be used by individuals.

The data can then be printed or emailed to us for lodgement of your Tax return. You can even lodge your Tax Return yourself with this software.

And the best thing is, eRecord is  free, and supplied and supported by the Australian Taxation Office.

You can send the data to us so that we can check it and advise you of any deductions or allowances you may have over-looked.


Most individuals won't need e-Record of course - which is really where eTaxToday comes in: we do it for you.

Start by hitting this Big Green Button, and sign on for your super fast tax refunds.


Submitting the return yourself won't get you your super fast tax refund in 3 days. Hitting this button will!




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e-Record. Free Accounting Software supplied by the ATO. Or use the services of The ATO will let you download free book-keeping software: e-Record, that also lets you lodge your returns electronically yourself. Super fast.
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